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PCS Locking Clip

U.S. Patent Number 4,911,198

  • PCS Locking Clips lock out actuated valves. It is that essential mechanical block on the linkage preventing valve operation. One method plant wide. One lockout procedure ... easy to use ... easy to audit .... reducing human error ... a common sense element in OSHA 1910 compliance. So simple, it's patented.

  • The easily recognized PCS Safety Green insert clip and gloss black anchor bracket mount permanently to the actuated valve, using hand tools. After initial installation, a valve is locked out for maintenance and unlocked for production, ...again and again ..., in only seconds. It provides a simple, single method to lockout actuated valves supplied by a wide range of valve and actuator manufacturers.

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 What is a PCS Locking Clip?

A mechanical lockout device which enhances operational and maintenance SAFETY while adding VALUE by REDUCING COSTS of installation for all automatically actuated quarter turn valves

 PCS Locking Clip Availability
  • The following represents a comprehensive and growing list of actuators for which the "PCS Locking Clip" has been engineered, tested and manufactured.



    • MATRYX



    • BRAY



    • WATTS

  • All models are available in powder coated carbon steel. Most can also be provided in powder coated stainless steel. All models are available with accommodation for topworks. New models are being regularly added. Contact your Distributor or Philadelphia Control Systems for all your special actuator lock-out needs.

 What is included in my PCS Locking Clip kit?

The PCS Locking Clip Kit includes: an ANCHOR BRACKET for mounting to your actuator's body, the INSERTABLE CLIP with CHAIN LEASH, a COUPLER to a Westlock or equal indicating limit switch, MOUNTING HARDWARE and INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.

 Will I need special tools?

No. This product is intended to be installed with conveniently available regular hand tools. You can retrofit an actuated valve without needing a "flame permit".

 More Questions and Answers....
  • Will I have to dismount my actuators from their valves for installation? No. This is a major advantage in your use of the PCS Locking Clip.
  • Does use of the PCS Locking Clip reduce the number of different lockout methods I must train my work force to use? Yes. Regardless of the actuator type to be locked out, AUTOMAX, WATTS, WORCESTER, NELES-JAMESBURY and so on, use of the "PCS Locking Clip" is always done in the same way. Many actuators on site, one method to use. This is essential to reduce human error.
  • Why is a chain leash attached to the insertable clip? This ensures that the right clip is available and located at its matched actuator. The "PCS Locking Clip" and anchor bracket is an engineered design tailored to the torque capacity of the largest actuator.


  • Why is the insertable clip painted fluorescent green? The clip and anchor bracket are powder coated for a durable finish. PCS Safety Green was chosen to make simple the in-use inspection of the "PCS Locking Clip". The color combination is easy to see in dark and cluttered (valve dense) areas.
  • Is the PCS Locking Clip OSHA "APPROVED"? No. There is no such approval for any product. OSHA regulates a plant's practices. These include training, equipment, documentation and so on. The "PCS Locking Clip" is an important tool for use in the isolation of pipelines and the lockout of actuated valves.


  • We use position indicators with our quarter turn actuators. How does the product work when position indicators are used? The "PCS Locking Clip" is used in the same way as with open/close actuator configurations. A topworks coupler is available with most "PCS Locking Clip" kits. Check with your distributor for availability.
  • Can we use our own fasteners? No. The fasteners provided with the "PCS Locking Clip" will fit the actuator and limit switch specified. These provided fasteners are "GRADE 8" in yield/tensile strength of materials. They are an integral part of the supplied PCS Locking Clip kit.
  • Can I continue to use my indicating limit switches if I use PCS Locking Clips? Yes. The anchor bracket serves to mount Westlock or equal limit switches. You don't have to buy a mounting bracket for your indicating limit switch if it is Westlock or equal.


 Origin of the PCS Locking Clip  
  • Philadelphia Control Systems, Inc. (PCS) is a Professional Engineering Corporation. It specializes in discrete manufacturing and process control systems. As a material delivery item for a turn-key process automation project, PCS developed for its use a locking device for automatic rotary actuated valves. The client is well satisfied with the product in use. A patent was granted by the U.S. Patent Office establishing the rights of Philadelphia Control Systems, Inc. in its invention. This device is termed the "PCS Locking Clip".

  • Advantages in the use of the "PCS Locking Clip" apply to several groups involved in the engineering, design, operation and maintenance of facilities which use automatic actuated valves.

  • Plant Safety Engineers are provided with an easy to use device to isolate and immobilize automatic valves at a significant time savings. In comparison to uncoupling air supplies, de-energizing and tagging electrical solenoid circuits and then re-proving the circuits upon completion of the maintenance task, "PCS Locking Clips" provide superior lock-out protection in a fraction of the time.

  • Process Design Engineers are provided with a low project cycle cost alternative to manual isolation valves upstream and downstream of the automatic valve, offsetting manual valve cost, design procurement cost, and installation cost.

  • This also saves significant space which simplifies initial installation and follow-on maintainability of a process.

  • Corporate Standards Groups are provided with a non-controversial standards improvement. This result is an easy to understand valve specification "adder" for automatic valve installations.

  • Summary: The "PCS Locking Clip" is proven in use. It's simple to specify, to purchase and install. Most importantly, it's simple to use. And it is cost justified on the basis of significant reductions in downtime during maintenance activity.

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