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Data Acquisition

Automated collection of data and conversion to meaningful information to allow in-depth study and analysis of operations


Overview: Benefits in using us:
what is it?
  • Philadelphia Control Systems, Inc.  has never failed to deliver working and reliable systems in 20+ years of continuing operation.

  • Our focus on technical detail and excellence is applied to each client’s important work.

  • Our technical range and demonstrated success extends to a wide variety of areas.

  • Philadelphia Control Systems, Inc. is well recognized for a wide range of batch automation successes.  These span food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry clients.

  • We know the old. We understand the new.






Data Acquisition is the automatic collection of large amounts of raw data and that data’s conversion to meaningful information. 
where can I use it?
Operations unexpectedly experience problems.  The problems can be in quality, quantity or efficiency.  The unexpected problems may be intermittent and have no recognizable underlying cause.  Diagnosis is made possible with data acquisition.

why Data Acquisition?

  • The acquired data is used to establish baseline parameter patterns indicative of “good” operation. 

  • Unexpected problems depart from the baseline and will be correlated with precursor indications.  These precursors are captured and indicated within the automatically collected datasets. 

  • Understanding the problem precursors within the dataset allows automatic intervention, compensation, and maintains proper ongoing operation.

  • Data Acquisition activities typically use the existing hardware and network infrastructure. Custom software is overlaid to accomplish needed data set normalization, synchronization and event stamps.

Our demonstrated success
  • Integration with Android Based Mobile Devices 

  • Acquisition on time and event basis

  • Composite datasets using differing data sources

  • Raw data conversion to man-readable information tables

  • Raw data conversion to graphic representation

  • Real-time configurable, in-use, data acquisition setup displays

  • Off-line viewers to allow collected data to be “replayed” at remote locations

  • Integration with conventional and unconventional statistical analysis tools


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Last Update: 10/13/2021