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Engineering Planning Electrical Design for Process automation.

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what is it?
  • Philadelphia Control Systems (PCS) has performed on complex integrated process control operations for 30-years. These range from oil production to food production to batch and continuous processes to automotives to pharma. This includes systems development in the hemp oil extraction operations. Clients include Roche, Akzo Nobel, Abbott Labs, Mobil, GM, Honda, DuPont, Dow, General Electric, M&M Mars, Hershey and many others. The company has performed on projects across the US and from Singapore to Santiago, Chile to Amsterdam.

Engineering, Design, Programming, Systems Development and Coordination for electrical, instrumentation, control networking and systems integration.

where can I use it?

Power SourcingPower feeders circuit from area feeder panels; 480vac/ 3-phase or 120vac/ single phase to motor control and process control panels and finally to end devices; heaters, pump motors, agitators, fans, valves and solenoids, etc.


Voltage and Signal Domain Control circuits at 480 VAC – 3 phase, 120/240 VAC, 48 VDC, 24 VDC, 4- 20 mA signal circuits and Ethernet materials and components. 


Control Hardware and ComponentsRecommend and select logic controllers, digital, analog and Ethernet I/O, graphic HMI interfaces, control transformers, line and load reactors, Variable Frequency (Speed) Drives (VFDs) and interfaces, DC power supplies, relay, contactor, switch, cabling specifications and enclosure components to client for approval prior to preparation of final drawings and bills of materials.


Design drawings - for electrical controls wiring installation and maintenance. Drawings will include control panel(s) elevations and layouts, bill(s) of material and reference equipment IDs of equipment connected with cabling.


Installation package - for electrical controls installation contractor use and/or installation estimates and bids.  Package will include text description of work and code requirements, “special” materials requirements and delivery dates. Firm project installation dates and bidding requirements to be provided and approved by client.  Written installation package will be supplied in MS Word format suitable for contractor use.


Cable and conduit schedules - major equipment labeling needs, cable specs and estimated length totals.  Installation contractor will bear final responsibility to confirm conduit sizing, routing and length and cable and single conductor sizing and length per “walk-through” site observations, site conditions and contractor installation planning.  Spreadsheet information will be supplied in MS Excel format suitable for contractor use.


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Last Update: 10/13/2021