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Custom Software

Full freedom to respond to client needs.

Overview: Benefits:
what is it?
  • Custom software affords the client a means to extract new benefits from existing installations.

  • This approach adapts an existing installation to emerging new needs.

  • This tailored approach extends the useful life and value of ageing but proven technologies.

  • Custom software developments allow special problems to be solved without dependency on operating system version or database type.

  • This results in full freedom to respond to client needs.

Custom software is developed when “out-of-the-box” solutions do not exist.
why Custom software?
It specifically targets a technical or informational obstacle to the client goal.  A well-crafted special purpose application is developed to bridge the technology gap.
where can I use it?
  • Custom protocols developed to translate data from existing instruments for wider use and database entry

  • Custom conversion of database record set “OLD” to recordset “NEW”

  • Custom development “one-touch” conversion of single language user interfaces to multi-lingual user interfaces: English, Spanish, French

Benefits in using us:
  • Philadelphia Control Systems, Inc.  has never failed to deliver working and reliable systems in 20+ years of continuing operation.

  • Our focus on technical detail and excellence is applied to each client’s important work.


A few of our experiences:  
  • Biometric systems - to positively identify or authenticate employees and managers. These systems are designed to authenticate employees prior to entering secure areas or to authenticate electronic “signatures/approvals” of important documents or transactions.
  • Billing systems - to automatically calculate and prepare cost records for internal use or invoices to outside customers. Records and invoices can be paper, electronic, or secure web accessed displays.
  • Scheduling systems - to allocate human and material resources. These make efficient and rational preplanned use of available resources, staff and equipment.
  • Intelligent communications systems - to automatically respond to urgent business and operational events. These communicate via phone, pager, wireless and computer networks based on preconfigured response scenarios. These include unexpected staffing changes, mobilization of specialized service personnel, coordination with public safety or outside security authorities.



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