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Batching Automation

Phased process control for step-wise preparation of a final product that combines various ingredients under varying process conditions


Overview: Benefits in using us:
what is it?
  • Philadelphia Control Systems, Inc.  has never failed to deliver working and reliable systems in 20+ years of continuing operation.
  • Our focus on technical detail and excellence is applied to each client’s important work.
  • Our technical range and demonstrated success extends to a wide variety of areas.
  • Philadelphia Control Systems, Inc. is well recognized for a wide range of batch automation successes.  These span food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry clients.
  • We know the old. We understand the new.




Batching Automation is the integration of process control engineering with process control software and hardware for step-wise production of a final product.  Each batching phase is developed according to its process purpose.
where can I use it?
The process purpose can be the addition of feed material, the separation of finished product, the cooling / heating of a mix, blend or reaction and the pressure/vacuum conditions specific to the batch phase. 
why Batching?
  • Batching Automation technologies are hardware based and/or software based, pre-existing or new.
  • Batching automation includes interactions with the human operator to accommodate sampling, special additives or recipe adjustment.


Our demonstrated success

 A few of our experiences:
  • Dynamic scheduling of “next” batch to be run based on raw material availability

  • Monitoring and display of process equipment and batch condition for fitness to proceed

  • Display of explicit process condition messaging to allow detailed monitoring by human operator

  • Integrating of process batch automation with QA forms, inspection records and production history databases

  • Coordination of shared ingredient source feeds to reduce process feed delays

  • Development of Automated Wash or Clean-In-Place sequences

  • Development of process specific metrics for production optimization

  • Flexible “off-line” recipe development tools consistent with the batching process control strategy


  • Resins production

  • Paint production

  • Penicillin production

  • Filter/chemical bed regeneration

  • Food production

  • Motion recipes for tightly integrated work cell, motion coordination within shared work space

  • Batch sequences in excess of 70 phases (steps)

  • Batch operation simulation

  • Batch “Stopper” process intervention systems to automatically monitor and neutralize failed exothermic reactions



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Last Update: 5/13/2019