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Statistical Process Control

Statistical Process Control Package

Developed in Visual Basic For Applications, can be easily installed in any HMI that supports VBA


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what is it?

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a method of monitoring, controlling and, ideally, improving a process through statistical analysis.

what it does?

  • monitors the process

  • measures the process

  • eliminates variances in the process to make it consistent

  • improves the process to its best target value



The SPC Package contains all the features needed in SPC analysis, and it is fully configurable by the user.

  • Dynamically change the list of monitored measures

  • Dynamically change the list of SPC Real Time tested measures

  • Configurable properties for charts

  • Dynamically change the list of tests applied to SPC measures

  • Dynamic Report of Event Summary, using dates and measure names

  • Assign Corrective Actions, and Assignable Causes to Failure Events

  • Configurable Archiving

  • The SPC Package is complex and flexible.

  • Real Time and Historical trending

  • Shows up to 4 charts on a screen

  • Automatic Archiving, easy to open archives

  • Real Time and Historical Event Summary Reporting

  • Uses tags already defined in the HMI (Human Machine Interface) application (RSView32, Fix Intellution…)

  • Printable  Event Summary Reports



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Last Update: 10/13/2021