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Philadelphia Control Systems, Inc. engineers, programs and installs retrofit upgrades to AS/RS control systems.


Upgrade overview

what is it?

Replaces logic controllers, logic systems, user interfaces, and databases.

what it does?

Improves reliability and maintainability. Extends useful life and value of the existing AS/RS.

what are the advantages?

Easy to use graphic interfaces combined with recipe driven operations and extensive reporting features.



Upgrade features Benefits
  • Retrofit upgrades improve reliability and maintainability.

  • Upgrades increase value-added performance by integrating local and plant-wide database storage information with automated dispatch and return motions.

  • Upgrades provide easy-to-use graphic interfaces to show present operations, pending recipe driven retrievals, and hourly product handling queues.

  • Automatically stores and retrieves product in the Storage Area.
  • Finds the best path for AS/RS to reduce mechanical wear.
3D and 2D representation
  • Graphical Representation of the Storage Area.
  • Plan and elevation views of all storage locations including product records.
  • "Point and Click" graphic commands for motion control and data management.


Flexible System to Operate
There are 3 modes in which the Upgraded System operates:
  • Unattended Full Automatic

  • Semiautomatic

  • Maintenance Mode

User Friendly
The Upgraded System has a structured design so the Operator can easily perform ANY operation

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Last Update: 10/13/2021